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Monica Gutierrez

Journalist, Content Strategist

Monica Gutierrez is an independent Journalist and Content Strategist based in New York City. Experienced leading robust content operations, as well as national and international newsrooms.

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The Huffington Post

Fascist America, now what? | The Huffington Post

Fascist America, now what? | The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post

Trump’s Russian Roulette

It is easy to picture Donald Trump playing Russian roulette at this point...

The Huffington Post

American Spring | The Huffington Post

American Spring | The Huffington Post

Armedkidsanliurfa   rj article
The Huffington Post

Diyarbakir Vice | Monica Gutierrez

The mention of Diyarbakir -- where Jake Hanrahan, Philip Pendlebury and Rasool were documenting clashes between members of the pro-Kurdish PKK and security forces -- rushed unforgettable memories to my mind, this time with the concept of Vice bizarrely intertwined with the Kurdish city.

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El argentino que llevamos dentro | Monica Gutierrez

Que Gustavo fue -tal y como quedó declarado y demostrado en su trabajo final- simple y llanamente una fuerza de la natura, no hace falta explicarlo más, porque ya queda clarísimo. Cerati vive en el aire, en los acordes de una guitarra, en toda América Latina ya convertida en una enorme ciudad furiosa, en las matemáticas de su poesía, en la hermosa Buenos Aires, en la conciencia y los deseos de dos, y creo que no exagero si digo que tres, generaciones de hispano pensantes.

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The Huffington Post

Fear and Loathing in the Island that Doesn't Exist

Puerto Rico is by culture part of Latin America and by politics part of the US. But at the same time the Island is not a Latin American country neither a State of the Union. That is why it is trapped in an impossible situation without real instruments to combat the very particular characteristics of her current situation. This time around the US cannot be the solution, because the US is an integral part of the problem. Applying the war on drugs to Puerto Rico is proving to be like pulling a gun to our own head.

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The Huffington Post

Frontiers of the Global Village

I know of a Dominican woman who crossed the United States frontier illegally, looking for a better life for her and her family in Puerto Rico. She paid a smuggler a couple thousand dollars to cross the treacherous Mona channel on a small wooden boat, known as a "yola," with fourteen other souls. After being lost at sea for some time she is unable to quantify, the man in charge threw a sick person overboard to stop his unnerving whining. They almost capsized in waters infested with sharks. When food supplies ran out, a mother offered her breast milk to her fellow travelers and saved them from dehydration. Miraculously, they made it.

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The Huffington Post

Spring in the Desert: Crisis in Mali

Not too long ago, traveling on a "pinasse" up the Niger River from Mopti to Timbuktu often rewarded visitors with an idyllic glimpse of the f...

2014 03 09 franciscojavierrovirarullanporadalmaldonadolowres thumb article
The Huffington Post

What Is It About Roberto Paradise? | Monica Gutierrez

What Is It About Roberto Paradise? | Monica Gutierr...

Open uri20130702 12085 878q4q article » Otro “face book”

Si bien es cierto que Facebook tiene unos 845 millones de usuarios activos -casi una séptima parte de la población mundial- para nadie es un secreto que no es el aglutinador de los menos afortunados. ImprimirComparte 80grados:ShareEmailFacebookTwitterGoogle +1TumblrPinterestLinkedInReddit

The Huffington Post

Colombia Gives Peace a Chance

"The stars are aligned to end the conflict in Colombia", at least for the moment, said a cautious but optimist President Juan Manuel Santos to the local "Semana" magazine this past weekend, only days ...

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SOS infantil

La Tierra cuenta con unos siete billones de habitantes y actualmente más de la mitad de la gente vive en ciudades. El mundo urbano es sinónimo de progreso, pero -según un reporte re...

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Opinion: Playing politics with the English language in Puerto Rico

For the island’s residents, language has status and identity repercussions. By Mónica Gutiérrez There is something fierce and delicious, almost edible, in the alchemic ways of Puerto Rican Spanish....

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A propósito de la voluble escalera

Hybrid chronicle in Spanish